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Frequently Asked Questions

About DoubleDigits Insurance Leads For Agents/ Advisors / Sales Managers / Companies in India

How is DoubleDigits different from other lead companies?

Lot of Agents and Advisors ask us the same question, but please do not compare us with other listing websites or classified websites, which are not Insurance dedicated portals. We are a dedicated website on insurance, we generate leads from dedicated insurance marketing campaigns online, when we say “Leads” we mean a verified customer actively looking for insurance product and we capture the maximum details from the customers which can help you give the best quotes to the client. Our people have more than 8 years of experience in Insurance, Technology and Finance.

How are the leads generated?

The Leads are generated online from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Rediff etc. and also through other major financial portals. We also generate leads from a dedicated insurance campaign through Banner Display Advertising & E-mail campaigns.

How do I register? What are the formalities?

You can register online by clicking on the “Register Now” tab. Once you submit the form, we will instantly send you a verification link in your E-mail, click on the link send in your E-mail and your account is active. You can now search leads by logging into your account.

What is the payment process if I have to add funds into my account?

You have 4 options to add funds into your account.

a) Online Payment by any VISA/ MASTERCARD issued Debit Card/ Credit Card / Net Banking.
b) Cheque Deposit in any Kotak Mahindra Bank in your city. c) Cash deposit in any Kotak Mahindra Bank in your city**.

Payment details are available in the “Buy Package” tab after you Log in your account at

Once my account is activated and funds added, what will be the validity period for my package?

Currently, we have not set any validity period for your package. Your account will remain active and you can use your package as and when you want within a period of 1 year from the date of purchase of the package. After expiry of 1 year, in case of any unutilised leads it can be carried forward by buying a new package.

If I want to discontinue my account, can I get refund for the balance unutilized funds?

We do not have a refund policy. You need to utilize the fund/package by buying the leads.

To how many agents will you sell a single lead?

The same lead can be bought by 3 to 4 Agents/Companies

What happens if I get an invalid lead, will you replace the lead?

In case you get an invalid lead, you will have to write to us by providing the details of the invalid lead at . We will crosscheck and if it is a genuine case we will replace the lead.

Please note that we replace the lead under following conditions:-

1. Customer stays in a different city.
2. Contact number given is a wrong number.
3. Customer is actually an Insurance agent.

Any other reason other than the points stated above will not be considered for replacing a lead.

Do I have to pay any extra charges for closing a lead provided by your site?

No, We only charge you once for a Lead, we do not charge any further amount/ fees or commission from you. The client is your’s and you can sell any number of policies.

What is your process of identifying and prioritizing which agent should get fresh leads?

All the leads provided on the site are fresh leads, when you search leads you can see the time and date when the lead was added.

When a lead is verified it is send to 3 to 4 Agents who have selected “Instant Lead Buy” option in their account.

What are the ways of purchasing leads from your site?

There are two options to purchase leads from the site.

a) Manual Search & Buy – In manual search you have to login to your account every time to search and buy leads. The leads purchased will be sent to you by SMS and Email with the complete details. Also the leads you have purchased can be seen in your “Bought Leads” tab.

b) Instant Lead Buy - If you do not have time and want the leads to be delivered directly to your mobile phone and email id, you can make this process automatic by following these steps:-

1. Click “Instant Lead Buy” tab.

2. Select a Category/Categories under Life Insurance.

3. Choose your options like City, No. of leads per Day and save your setting.

4. Once done your lead buying process is set to “Automatic Buy Mode”. After verification the leads will be delivered instantly to your Mobile & E-mail.

In case of Manual Purchase how many leads can I buy at a given point of time?

There is no limit of leads you can buy from the “Manual Purchase Mode”. For Automatic mode the limit is set to 20 Leads a day.

What is the meaning of “Instant Leads Buy”?

“Instant Leads Buy” is for setting your account to receive Instant Leads as and when they are verified, without any delay.

Can I limit the number of leads that I receive per day through “Instant Leads Buy”?

Yes, you can select from minimum 1 lead a day to max. 20 leads a day.

Can I select multiple cities while automating my lead preferences?

Yes, you can select multiple cities in automatic mode.

What is the medium used to deliver leads?

The Leads are delivered through SMS & Email, the leads bought are also available in the “Bought Leads” tab in your account.

Do you have a specific time to send automated leads via Instant Leads Buy?

Yes, the Leads are verified from Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm and on Saturday from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm only and accordingly they are sent within the above days and time only. The Leads will not be sent on Sundays/Public/National holidays.